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Teaching in Labs

New to lab teaching? Learn from lab teachers who offer their experience, advice and anecdotes.

Getting started

Lab teaching is mostly done by postgraduate students who are designated tutors, lab demonstrators or teaching assistants (TAs). Their roles vary according to subject discipline. Working singly or in groups, their responsibilities include overseeing students’ practical work in the laboratory and marking their lab reports.

Lab Teachers from Biology, Physiology, Physics, and Electrical & Computer Engineering talk about their experience and offer advice and anecdotes. The most shocking revelations of all, however, are classic examples of bad lab conduct.


What makes a good lab teacher?

Knowledgeable in the field:
Mandy Harper (Senior Tutor, Biology)

Number 1 is enthusiasm
Chris Smaill (Senior Tutor, Engineering)

A key attribute to bring to the lab
Ian Brailsford (Lecturer, Academic Practice)