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Features of a well-run lab

Lab teachers influence how fulfilling the lab experience is for students.

Effective labs have a positive and pleasant atmosphere. They tend to have the following things in common:

  • The demonstrator shows interest in the topic and in the group as a whole.
  • The lab is well set up; the demonstrator is familiar with the equipment as well as the purposes and outcomes for the session.
  • The aims of the lab are clearly explained.
  • There are ample opportunities to ask questions and get clarification.
  • The demonstrator circulates around the lab checking on progress.
  • The demonstrator is friendly and respectful towards students.
  • The work is challenging and interesting.
  • Feedback (written or oral) is constructive.
  • Students leave the lab feeling that they have learned/achieved something

Time management

You know you’re a great Lab Teacher when you’re:

Making an impact on learning